Monday, September 20, 2010

Working with limitations

Got about 20 min of "interupted" painting time this afternoon. Hoping
my new studio partner can adjust to longer sessions, or be happy to
run off and play in her room...

Figuring out a dark blue glaze to get some blacks and greys in there,
then need to work out the lighting and colours for the lit side. At
least I'm happy with the scaffolding removal.

Shared studio space

Allosaurus and small Dino in the rain...
She got much further on her painting than I did on mine. Need to
teach her how to open her own tubes, but a little afraid of the

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sketching at city farmer

Swiss chard and apple tree
Note to self - don't white balance on the sketchbooks when outside - missing in shot is the super cute branch swing in the upper right and the rest of the beautiful plants!
Great art day all around - got to explore a craft gallery and the Federation gallery on Granville Island.