Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You know it's been too long when...

you forget where the "new post" button is on your blog!

It's been too long for many things - getting enough sleep, actually painting instead of filing in the studio, chill time with the hubby (I of course get plenty of time to hang out with the toddler every day!)

But it's all been for a good cause since I've just been in my first Studio Tour - technically not in my studio since that is the 3rd upstairs bedroom.... It really was fun, got to meet a lot of artists and really get to know the 4 others I shared a venue with. Even better I sold a piece on opening night, had an order for two knit carrots, and collected contact info for someone who might want to purchase a work in the future (they wanted the one that sold!)

I'm itching to get back in the studio but first there is writing to do (more show proposals!), resumes and websites to update, and work to deliver... and a flu ridden hubby to cure, or at least comfort... so much for easing into a routine of painting every day - well, one can dream, can't one?! Still fits and starts, but eventually it will happen.... patience is a virtue, I must be becoming quite a virtuous woman!